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Extreme Glare Sunglasses Outperform Antiquated Polarized Lenses

The 3 Secrets of Polarized Sunglasses

Secret #1 - When viewing digital LED and LCD screens—such as cellphones and dashboard instruments—polarized lenses significantly restrict vision, creating dark blotches that obscure accurate reading of these devices. They often create safety hazards.

Secret #2 - The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled against the use of polarized lenses by pilots because they impede their reading of cockpit instruments and view through cockpit windshields. This problem also affects view through automobile windshields.

Secret #3 - Polarized lenses do not effectively block the glare of the sun compared to this new technology.
#1 Most Popular Shape Of All Time
Wayfarer Type Style with "Extreme Glare" Technology

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Today's new digital LED/LCD screens are easily read with Z-XG technology. Pilots, boaters, sports and hobby enthusiasts will benefit from the maximum protection available from Zurich Extreme Glare Sunglasses. Another very significant benefit of this technology is the relief it offers those with sensitive eye conditions, or photophobia. This technology protects the delicate skin around the eyes and prevents damage from ultra violet light. 

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