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Extreme Glare Sunglasses
Made from strong, durable polycarbonate.

Features / Techs / Specs

Z-XG Extreme Glare Sunglasses
Made from quality materials with Swiss technology, Zurich Extreme Glare Sunglasses' lenses provide the best eye protection in the world.

As an optician-driven company, our number one priority is to develop eyewear features to ensure that the UVA , UVB and UVC rays do not damage the eyes. 

Research studies indicate excessive exposure to UV rays leads to a number of eye diseases which when left untreated, include blindness and cancer.

Our research and technology results in sunglasses are a sound investment for your eyes without risking your eyes' health. Our commitment to healthy eyes is always our first priority. With custom and designer frame options, style is always available.

You can always call us on our toll free number: 1-800-533-5665

With our custom and designer frame products, style is always an option as well.

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  • Extreme Glare Sunglasses' lenses block sun glare far better than polarized lenses 
  • The best solution to reduce eye fatigue 
  • Effectively Blocks glare reflected by water and snow 
  • Those on the water will see fish, rocks, debris and other hazards 
  • Skiers will enjoy better definition of snow and moguls 
  • Will not "blotch-up" and hinder vision 
  • Blocks 98% of ultraviolet A & B rays and 65% of infrared, blue and flat light 
  • Reduces eye damage via bright light regulation 
  • Prevents premature aging around the eyes 
  • Helps to avoid many sun-related eye diseases caused by excessive exposure to UV; i.e., cataracts, pterygiums, cancer, etc. 
  • Total Wraparound Vision 
  • Eliminates side glare 
  • Over 185° peripheral vision 
  • Protection against projectiles, dirt and debris 
  • Prevents eyes from drying up 
  • Adjustable and bendable temples

For Contact Lens Users

  • Eliminates wind, eye irritants such as dust, pollen, bugs and other small airborne debris 
  • Side protection from flying projectiles and objects 
  • Helps avoid many potential eye diseases and problems from the excessive exposure to UV

For Prescription Glasses Users

  • Original style eliminates the need for two pairs of prescription glasses (excludes Z2 lenses) 
  • Original models can be worn comfortably over prescription glasses 
  • Enjoy single-vision bifocal / trifocal and progressive no-lines prescription lenses


  • Using the best optical grade polycarbonate, we inject special filters and glare reducers into molten polycarbonate: ultraviolet inhibitors to block over 98% of dangerous UVA and over 95% of UVB and C. Harmful blue light and white light are also blocked in this process. 
  • Special coatings, both front and back of the lenses, further block UV rays while increasing scratch resistance over ordinary plastic lenses. 
  • Using an high-tech vacuum chamber we add a specialized metal coated mirror on the front surface to further filter incoming sun rays. This mirror coating, first developed for the NASA space program, is invisible to the wearer even though those looking at the wearer see the mirror color on the front surface of the lens. It is still used today by astronauts in outer space. 
  • "Extreme Glare" technology is the absolute best at reducing glare from the sun and reflective surfaces, surpassing polarization. It does so without creating blotches on windshields and digital screen displays. Unlike polarized lenses, XG s are legal to wear in the cockpit. This tripleoid technology is a sophisticated, three-part scientific process developed by Zurich Extreme Glare technicians.


Z-XG Extreme Glare Sunglasses
  • Far superior in every way to polarized lenses
  • Provides the ability to read digital and LCD display/screens, which are very hard to read with polarized lenses
  • Ballistic-Strength Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Shatterproof; exceeds ANSI standard Z-87.1
  • Two-year limited warantee for accidental breakage
  • Adjustable by anyone without the need to use heat
  • Optical quality polycarbonate lenses
  • Scratch resistant hard coatings with optical clarity, accurate and vibrant color
  • No metal hinges to corrode, screws to vibrate loose
  • Easily replaceable pop-out temples
  • Made in America with parts and service available throughout the US

Comparison Using A 500 Watt Halogen Light

Ordinary Polarized Lens
"Extreme Glare" Lens
Notice! You can read the words stamped in the metal background with Extreme Glare Sunglasses' Lenses.
The photos above show how Extreme Glare Sunglasses' lenses are far more superior than ordinary polarized lenses. The object in the photos is a 500 Watt lamp that can be as intense as the sun for people with extreme eye sensitivity. The polarized lens doesn't block the lamp's glare as much as Extreme Glare Sunglasses' lenses does. Not only is there absolutely no glare, but you can clearly see the bulb itself as well as the drawn figures, numbers, and stamped lettering on the shroud. 

(Never look into the sun, or any bright light without proper protection, and guidance from an optical professional.)
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