We are opticians with Strict Standards

"Extreme Glare" Technology delivers safety, style, comfort and clear vision. 

My name is Bruce Holden and I am CEO of Zurich International / Zurich USA.

Why should you trust "Extreme Glare" sunglass technology to make your next prescription or non-prescription glasses?

I have used my skills as an optician since 1973 to produce the finest optical quality and wrap-around lens technology available. I believe these efforts have led to the creation of the finest sunglass lens technology in the world. I want you to know that I stand behind the frames and lenses we make—against manufacturing defects and accidental breakage.
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"Extreme Glare" Technology delivers safety, style, comfort and clear vision. Your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed or your money will be refunded promptly. Designer styles are available in wrap around configuration

  • Our prices are moderate and "mid-range" within the optical industry. 
  • "Extreme Glare" technology blocks more glare than any other technology known (excluding welding glasses, or specialized occupational/special-use sunglasses). 
  • Products with any flaw or imperfection are rejected. Optical lenses are made according to the strictest optical industry standards in the nation.
  • For ideal protection, we specialize in the making of "wrap around" sunglasses. Due to the exceptional difficulty in making of the lenses correctly, the majority of optical professionals will not show, offer, or make "wrap around" sunglasses for their clientele.

You may trust our skill, knowledge and workmanship in the making of your prescription lenses. We will happy to speak directly with your eye professional regarding your Rx requirements.

Please note: Dark Lenses are considered "special purpose" lenses.

Wearing dark lenses can be dangerous, hazardous and may interfere with vision in shadowy dark areas! Please keep this in mind and use caution when wearing dark lenses in areas not well lit. Please consider your safety when choosing your lens density/darkness. 

All of our products carry our “No Fear/No Worry” Guarantee. If you return an item within 60 days in good, resalable condition, we will promptly refund your money. We want you to be 100% satisfied and we hope to earn your trust now and in the future.

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