Lenses: Gray vs. Rose

Which Lens Color Is Best For You?

Gray & Rose

Difference Between Our Gray & Rose Lenses

*Gray and rose lenses differ in the way they adjust vision, not by the actual color of the glasses as seen in the mirror.

Rose Lenses

Rose Lenses enhance colors for better definition, contrast, depth perception and clarity. Extreme Glare Sunglasses' rose lenses make reds redder, blues bluer, whites whiter and yellow more yellow. They create the most vivid colors for the most accurate definition. Rose colored lenses do not alter or change colors; they intensify colors while reducing glare. 

For glare reduction, Extreme Glare Sunglasses' rose non-polarized lenses enjoy the #2 position in the world when compared to all other lenses.

Gray Lenses

Gray lenses eliminate nearly all glare. They reduce more sun glare than any other known technology. If sun glare reduction is your primary need, non-polarized Gray Extreme Glare Sunglasses' lenses are the best available option for this purpose.

Gray lenses eliminate reflective glare very effectively, but in comparison to Rose Lenses, they are more difficult to see with when viewing things below the water line, because darkness impedes vision in almost all circumstances.
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