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DAVE COUTIE, Partially Color-Blind
— Thank you for the prompt service. I tried the glasses at the flying field yesterday. I had one word when I put them on: WOW!!!!!
I talked to the Zurich people in California before I ordered them and because I am partially red/green color blind I wanted to know if they could help. They recommeded the medium rose lenses. When I put them on I couldn't see the rose tint at all but all the red colours just popped out. The greens are more intense as well. Before I had trouble if a dark red plane flew below tree level – it would blend in with the trees, but with the glasses it now really stands out. They have definitely made flying more enjoyable.
Z-XG Extreme Glare Sunglasses
M. BARRINGER, Eye Sensitive Patient 
The Zurich Extreme Glare Sunglasses are the absolute best sunglasses in the world. No exaggeration. I really do recommend them to everyone, even my doctors. I have the worst sensitivity to glare due to an autoimmune condition. These glasses totally block the glare. It is amazing. When driving, everything is clear and traffic lights are crisp. They are like gold to me and always within my reach. Customer service is A+ and Bruce was very patient with my questions.

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Your prescription sunglasses are a truly unique solution for those of us who need glasses for distance work (like flying)... I spent three months trying to find an acceptable solution using all the resources I could find in the S.F. Bay area, and struck out until I contacted you. You are the only entity I can find that is able to do the prescription adjustment for wrap-around styles, and you nailed mine exactly. Glare reduction is as good as the very high-end polarized shades I have been using, but the clear vision is something I don't know how I managed without. To top it all off, your pricing is very competitive relative to the inferior products I tried first. Thanks again, Bruce.


Radio Control Airplane Pilot

—I wanted to send you a note to tell you how happy I am with your prescription sunglasses. I had a set of the original over the glass sunglasses and was really happy with the rose tinting for my RC airplane flying. I especially liked being able to find the exact frames I liked and having you match the lenses. I can say that after a couple of years of using them that I am still extremely happy with the purchase. I use them flying, driving and anytime I need sunglasses. The best thing I can say is that when these are no longer usable and I am in need of new ones I will be calling you for a replacement.


UAV Flight School

—One of the biggest problems pilots and student pilots face is glare from the sun, either direct or reflected. My first exposure to Extreme Glare sunglasses was the Zurich Glasses that fit over prescription glasses. After talking with Bruce I decided to order a pair of Extreme Glare prescription sunglasses. Vision was perfect, they were comfortable and looked great! I recommend them to anyone who spends time in the sun—especially pilots and mature individuals who have a hard time seeing their R/C aircraft.

Z-XG Extreme Glare Sunglasses

Just wanted to thank you for my new pair of Rx glasses. Just like the other ones I ordered from you, they are great. Whenever I wear them everything is sharper than when I wear my regular Rx glasses. You went the extra mile due to some difficulties on my end and I can't thank you enough. You have a customer for life.

ROBERT BRENNER, Radio Control Helicopter Pilot

The prescription lenses you coated for me are the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. A friend of mine showed me his Z-XG sunglasses. We both fly RC Helicopters. He told me that the brown color made it easier to see them. At the time, I was using your non-prescription glasses. When I put his on, I was amazed at how much clearer things were. Shortly after I received this pair of prescription Z-XG sunglasses, I showed them to this same friend. He was amazed and I'll bet he becomes a prescription customer of yours soon. He already owns a pair of "fit over—Extreme Glare" sunglasses.

—On the 12th of July I stood on top of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, making that the final and 50th peak that I reached in my cross country odyssey. The Zurich sunglasses that I used were great. They are a necessity when climbing and hiking in the bright sun that I encountered throughout the country. Not only did your sunglasses protect my eyes but they changed intolerable glare into comfortable light and increased visibility because of that.


I became aware of Zurich sunglasses at a three-day collegiate open ocean sailing regatta. What a difference! Water reflections and the clarity were noticeably improved. The coach was also a snow skier and stated he loved wearing them on a bright day and noticed improved visibility at higher altitudes. I was immediately sold... I could only say they are the best sunglasses I have ever purchased and the price was unexpectedly better than other so called "name glasses".

I cannot say enough good things about my Extreme Glare sunglasses. I bought them to use when flying my giant scale aircraft (to) be able to maintain a clear, non-glare, and non-silhouette flying conditions critical flying safely. I have come to use my Z-XG's everyday for driving during the daytime. My Z-XG's make the colors pop and it allows me to see even when it is raining out. The Z-XG's make the yellow and white lines on the road pop out with clarity which improves the visibility of not only lane position but road hazards. The workmanship is extremely high quality and anyone would be hard pressed to find such a great pair of sunglasses elsewhere.
Z-XG Extreme Glare Sunglasses


Zurich's polycarbonate wraparound sunglasses are the best choice for serious mountaineers, trekkers or outdoor enthusiasts. During our successful ascent of the north peak of Mt. Everest we found the Zurich Lexan High Tech Sunglasses to be the most remarkable ones any of us had ever used. We wore our Zurich’s during the entire expedition without eye or ear wear discomfort. These sunglasses are the perfect combination of style, comfort and protection. Bravo to Zurich from Mt. Everest!


The high impact, lexan dual tint sunglasses from Zurich were the lightest and most useful sunglasses any of us have used on any previous expedition. They blocked all UV rays at altitudes over 20,000 feet and consistently keep the wind out of our eyes. Our Sherpas thought that these were the best glasses that they have used or worn. We would recommend these products to any serious outdoor enthusiasts who require the ultimate in UV protection, as well as stylish good looks!


Just a note to say THANKS for a great product. I really appreciate quality eye wear. For the first time in my life, when wearing the "Zurichs" I can now go outside on a sunny day and not squint. I'm 47, and an in-active reserve Marine (no such thing as an Ex-Marine) and I don't compliment very many products, but yours is an exception.

Thank you for providing the highest quality American made product. I have tried many other high end sunglasses over the years, but none have been as comfortable as yours. I love the gradient tint and they are so light I'll forget I'm wearing them. There is something special about Zurich USA sunglasses. They reduce eye strain and I can't believe how well I can see when my heading takes me directly into the sun. I have recommended your sunglasses to all of my friends that fly, fish, or drive. I got my 1st pair from you at the Miami International Boat Show and my wife got a couple pairs 7 or 8 years ago, and still using both. I would like to nominate Zurich USA for an award, you have such a quality American made product at such a reasonable price. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to get my new Zurich USA rose wraparound!


Now that I have been using my Rx sunglasses you made, I thought I should let you know how extremely pleased i am with them. I couldn't be happier. When I compare them to my old prescription sunglasses, there is such a huge difference in the clarity & glare reduction. i have been using them in my RC flying and truly believe they are helping me to see my airplanes much more clearly and at greater distances than before. Thank you for your great product and for the customer service that I have always received over the years!

I have purchased quite a few sunglasses over the years and I can say without a doubt that the "Extreme Glare" prescription sunglasses that I purchased from you are the best sunglasses I have ever owned. Objects that are reflecting bright light or objects that are in shaded areas are much better defined, and are much more clearly seen. Colors seem to be more vivid and the contrast is sharper than any other lenses I have ever used. These sunglasses are so good, I now wear them all the time while I am outside (much more than any my previous sunglasses). Thank you for making this technology available.

The last 2 sets have been home runs as far as sunglasses are concerned. The medium rose color is great as it keeps the sunlight dark enough so that my eyes do not tire from wearing them all day when I'm out on the project site. Your suggestion of finding a set of rims that were comfortable for me to wear was right to the mark. Your magic of putting your "Extreme" lenses in them was the answer for me. Being a surfer type of the mid 1960's, I became enamored with the Wayfarer type surfer shades of the era. When you said you could fit the "Extreme" lenses in them I was thrilled. This pair of glasses is the "Grand Slam" for me.

—I am an old timer R/C flyer. The other day at the field, I had a 4 stroke engine backfire and spin off the nut, prop and spinner. Luckily, I was wearing my rose colored Zurich glasses. Some of the parts struck the left lens leaving a bad scratch right at the center of my vision. They are the best eye injury insurance that I can think of and afford.

My new glasses are great! Thanks for all your help and patience on making my difficult prescription work. I will come to you again when I need another pair, as well as sharing my experience with Zurich. Thanks again.

I have made it an important habit to wear my Zurich original glasses whenever near and around model airplanes and I am sure glad I was wearing them on that day. A small dent was left by the spinner which bounced off my glasses. I have eight pair in every color. Thank you for a great product.

I have LOVED them since the first time I put them on! Even though it was so long ago, Over the years I have thought it was the best $65 I ever spent on anything!! I need to get a new pair. None of the (other) sunglasses that I have worn even come close to being as good as my Zurich’s. Thank you for your great product and for the customer service that I have always received over the years!
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