LRG Aviator Drivers

Serengeti Drivers Versus LRG Aviator Drivers

Glass Serengeti Drivers (Discontinued)

Serengeti Drivers have been hugely popular for over 20 years. They were first introduced as the perfect “Driving” sunglass for cars/trucks/ automobiles on the road. Unfortunately, the original Serengeti Drivers style was discontinued. Serengeti started using plastic lenses dyed in the same colors, and duplicating that look as best as possible. 

LRG Aviator Drivers

Large Aviator Drivers capture the current trend of tear drop sunglasses. The frame is constructed of durable, high grade metal in the yellow gold color that embodies it's classy and sturdy build. The devout fans of Serengeti Drivers will immediately see a visible difference experiencing less glare, and yet see better color definition, contrast, clarity, and greater depth perception with the LRG Aviator Drivers instead!

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