Prescription Sunglasses For Photophobia

Prescription Sunglasses For Photophobia

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Prescription Sunglasses For Photophobia

Photophobia is defined as an “abnormal eye sensitivity, and intolerance to light (especially sunlight)”. There are over 351 different diseases or causes of photophobia recorded in medicine, and photophobia is usually symptomatic of another pre-existing condition or disease. Due to the heightened sensitivity of light, photophobic people can suffer from excessive squinting, tearing, eye pain, discomfort, migraines, to severe sickness, convulsions, or even epileptic seizures in worst case scenarios. Photophobia can interfere with a person’s ability to participate in routine outdoor activities such as working in an office, reading from a computer screen, or even driving. Because of the severity of this condition, it is vital that a person has the best prescription sunglasses for Photophobia to allow them to function in their daily activities.

There are hundreds of thousands of sunglasses models available, but extremely few would qualify as the best prescription sunglasses for photophobia. Finding the proper prescription sunglasses for Photophobia can be a huge, daunting challenge. Ninety percent of all sunglasses made are based on fashion, style, and trendy appeal with little thought as to real protection for the eyes. In addition, over ninety percent of sunglasses made, or sold would do almost nothing for the hyper sensitive eyes of a photophobic person. The best prescription sunglass for photophobia would need to be very dark, and use a “wrap around” frame to block out the excess light on the top, sides, and bottom of the frame. Total occlusion would be necessary for all photophobic people, and most sunglass frames will not accommodate a prescription in a “wrap around” style.   

Finding the correct type of frame that can be used for best prescription sunglass for photophobia can be a frustrating task for the photophobic person. Finding the optical professional that will make prescription lenses that will work correctly in a “wrap around” frame is almost impossible. Less than ten percent of all optical professionals would even attempt to make prescription lenses that will fit into a “wrap around” frames. The reason is simple. “Wrap around” lenses in prescription form are extremely difficult to make, and take special expertise to accomplish this almost impossible task. Most professionals know that “wrap around” lenses almost always induces distortion, and/or warpage. Therefore, the vast majority of optical professionals no longer attempt to make prescription lenses in a “wrap around” configuration for anyone. They are more than willing to discourage a person, and will usually refuse to make or discuss them at all.

Fortunately, there is a dedicated company that will create special prescription sunglasses for photophobic clientele, and make the best prescription sunglass for photophobia. Zurich International has committed themselves to create “Extreme Glare” (Z-XG) technology solely for this issue. Their “Extreme Glare” technology produces prescription sunglasses for Photophobia that provide a perfect balance in significantly blocking out harmful, bright light while allowing the ability to distinguish objects in the light. Zurich “Extreme Glare” prescription sunglasses for Photophobia are the safest, most sensible and technologically advanced alternative to antiquated Polarized lenses.

Extreme Glare’s prescription sunglasses for Photophobia provide the best possible protection, and quality yet, they can be just as stylish as any other pair of modern day sunglasses. 

The photophobic communities usually prefer the function of a sunglass over the look of fashion as long as it provides the best prescription sunglass for photophobia.

Using the best optical grade polycarbonate, Extreme Glare technology includes injecting special filters and glare reducers into molten polycarbonate: ultraviolet inhibitors to block over 98% of dangerous UVA and over 95% of UVB and C. People wearing prescription sunglasses for Photophobia immediately experience an array of benefits such as:

• A reduction of all reflections and glare that hinder your visibility during the day.
• Enhanced clarity of vision that increases the contrast for objects on the ground as well as reflections of water that can come from puddles in the street.
• Ultimate relief and a sense of a calming, soothing effect from “sore, tired eyes.”
“Extreme Glare” technology by Zurich Int'l has effectively addressed the issue that millions of people around the world are suffering from by creating the best prescription sunglasses for Photophobia. “Extreme Glare” technology is available for sunglasses that can include prescription, non-prescription, ready made (in stock), and custom made lenses. “Extreme Glare” prescription sunglasses for Photophobia are available in a variety of frame styles, allowing people to pick any style they feel comfortable with while experiencing the great outdoors.

Using the best prescription sunglasses for photophobia will allow you to drive, shop, go to work, go to school, and freely move about in the great outdoors that were previously off limits. You can re-enter the great outdoors in the sunshine like everyone else.

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