Best Sunglasses For Driving Sun Glare

Best Sunglasses For Driving Sun Glare

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Best Sunglasses For Driving Sun Glare

Blinding sun and extremely bright glare can impair a driver’s visibility and has caused an array of traffic accidents around the world. The key to properly protecting the driver and the safety of others on the road is none other than sunglasses that actually work in extreme bright conditions. Most sunglasses are marketed as a stylish necessity for your face. Few sunglasses are marketed that actually provide proper eye protection from reflections, glare, and damaging UV rays. Harmful U.V. and blue light rays continue to be a threat each time you get behind the wheel. Although some sunglasses claim to provide eye protection from sun damage, only “Extreme Glare” technology sunglasses have proven to be the absolute best. They are the most effective sunglasses for protecting your eyes; they are the best sunglasses for driving sun glare.

The sun continually explodes, and spews forth powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays daily that are extremely harmful to our eyes without proper eye protection. Not only can the damaging rays from the sun can inhibit our outdoor activities, but the reflected glare from shiny surfaces are very harmful to our eyes as well.

Glare bouncing off of shiny, reflective objects, such as the back of the car window, the rear doors, the roof, or a car mirror doesn’t allow the glare rays to scatter. When the glare beam happens to be aligned just so (reflecting off the surface at the same angle where it meets with your eyes), it can cause an intense burst of concentrated light that can be very damaging. In addition, the damaging, intense light prevents you from seeing anything else for a few moments. This condition is known as light blindness, and is usually temporary.

“Extreme Glare” lenses use special proprietary, “XG” technology that dramatically reduces glare, making them the best sunglasses for driving in blinding sun glare. When choosing sunglasses, it’s important for driver’s to know how to pick the best sunglasses for driving sun glare.

Many drivers do not realize that most types of normal, regular sunglasses are not suited to properly protect driver’s eyes on the road since they were designed for fashion rather than function. Extremely few sunglasses are made for the sole purpose, and the function of protecting your eyes.

Some sunglasses make it difficult to see in a darker environment such as shadows over the road caused by trees, mountains, or in tunnels, or parking garages. For safety sake, choose wisely. Sometimes it is difficult to judge distances between cars. Having the best sunglasses for driving sun glare gives better depth perception If you drive a lot, or in states with sunny conditions, “Extreme Glare” technology sunglasses are the best sunglasses for driving sun glare.

“Extreme Glare” technology lenses are infused internally with special filters that dramatically reduce the sun’s glare while allowing enough light into the eye to be able to distinguish objects on the road and avoid road perils, and possible hazards. The best sunglasses for driving sun glare are made with “Extreme Glare” technology. It is truthfully superior to polarized lenses when compared in reflected light conditions, and is vastly superior in the direct, blinding sun.

Without “Extreme Glare” technology, direct sunlight and bright glare easily penetrate the driver’s sunglass lens, and enter the eyes, thus affecting their diving abilities. Squinting eyes, facial tension, and strain lead to eye fatigue, and weariness. Truck drivers are known for falling asleep at the wheel while squinting in their $10.00 sunglasses. Incorrect sunglasses can cause headaches, eye fatigue, discomfort, and the pulling of eyes in a certain direction. “Extreme Glare” sunglass lenses produce calming, comfortable, vision with optically clear lenses. Your eyes will not be constantly fighting glare. This makes them the best sunglasses for driving sun glare.

As the best sunglasses for driving sun glare, they offer other advantages such as:
• Diminishes all reflections and glare that hinder your visibility during the day.
• Enhanced clarity of vision increases the contrast of objects on the ground as well as reflections on water that can come from puddles in the street, or bright snow on the road in the winter time.
• Allows your eye to see true perception of colors without actually altering colors like many famous sunglasses sold today. 
• Reduces eyestrain, and facial tension since your eyes don’t constantly have to adjust to the glare from different reflections. Truly, Extreme Glare Sunglasses are the best sunglasses for driving sun glare.

For years, “Extreme Glare” technology has produced the best sunglasses for driving sun glare, which has made a huge difference for drivers. “Extreme Glare” technology is available for sunglasses in prescription, non-prescription, pre-made (in stock), as well as custom made lenses.

“Extreme Glare” sunglasses are available in most frame styles, allowing drivers to pick any style they feel comfortable with while hitting the road with the best sunglasses for driving sun glare. “Extreme Glare” technology is available from dealers around the world as well as having an online store. Visit www.“Extreme Glare” Sunglasses today, and get the best sunglasses for driving sun glare while properly protecting your eyes on the road!
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