Best Sunglasses For Flying

Best Sunglasses For Flying

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The Best Sunglasses For Flying

Sunglasses are an important to everyone, especially pilots who will always need the best sunglasses for flying. Airplanes are flown in the upper levels of the Earth’s atmosphere (at altitude) leads them closer to the sun’s harsh solar radiation. Pilots risk their eyes due to the exposure of higher levels of solar radiation and increasing ultraviolet (UV) rays every time they fly. Exposure to UV radiation can lead to the development of cataracts and many other serious eye problems diseases. 

It is vital for pilots to wear the best sunglasses for flying to protect their eyes from the sun as well as the harmful, and invisible blue light emitted from the sun. Choosing the best sunglasses for flying is essential for any pilot to help effectively fly their plane and ensure a safe trip to all onboard.

The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that polarized lenses are not to be worn in flight because they significantly interfere with the viewing of digital instruments and the ability to see through windshields. “Extreme Glare” sunglasses offers pilots the best sunglasses for flying as a great alternative for polarized sunglasses. “Extreme Glare” technology uses special filters and glare reducers to block over 98% of harmful UV rays as well as reducing glare from the sun and reflective surfaces that pilots encounter flying. 

Special coatings are added to both the front and back of the lenses to further block UV rays while increasing the scratch resistance over ordinary plastic lenses. They really are the best sunglasses for flying.

“Extreme Glare” Technology uses special filters to allow pilots the ability to easily read all their avionics which normally are very difficult to read with polarized lenses. This is due to the aircraft windscreens being polarized in the manufacturing process, making Moiré patterns visible when they are seen with polarized lenses. It is due to the interaction of the two different sets of polarized filters that counter each other in the visual process. Also, LCD, and LED displays emit a polarized light that dims or disappears when looking at them directly with polarized sunglasses. Avionic screens and displays are critical, and essential for pilots to fly effectively. Therefore, “Extreme Glare Sunglass technology makes the best sunglasses for flying.

Another reason pilots choose “Extreme Glare” sunglasses as the best sunglasses to fly with is because they help avoid many sun-related eye diseases caused by excessive exposure to UV. 

Another reason that “Extreme Glare” sunglasses are the best sunglasses to fly with is that pilots are required to wear tight headsets to keep out the noise created by their aircraft. Wearing a tight headset like a “David Clark” can put pressure around the ears, and adding most sunglasses under the head set greatly contributes to the discomfort - - - - especially over a period of time. Many sunglasses are very uncomfortable under a headset and cause “Pilot” headaches with tension on the face, and the area around the ears. Often, the thicker side pieces over the ears (called temples) will break the tight seal around the ear and allow the disturbing noise to freely access your hearing. This can be very disconcerting as well as annoying. “Extreme Glare” sunglasses can be made in metal, or plastic, and several things can be done to fit the glasses under the head set comfortably without headaches, and without breaking the seal that allows the loud noise to enter. Thus, making them the best sunglasses for flying. 

Since “Extreme Glare” sunglasses can be made in any type of frame, there is no limitation what can be done to accommodate many different combinations to fit comfortably under the tightest headset. Just ask our staff to help you with a custom fit frame that will be comfortable for hours under your headset without letting in all that extra noise. We have adjustable and bendable temples that don’t contain any metal hinges to corrode or screws to vibrate loose. Pilots can enjoy a long lasting, comfortable fit with “Extreme Glare” sunglasses as the best sunglasses for flying. All pilots will regard “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses as one of their best, most important tools, and an absolute necessity for safely flying the sky's. 

Little known fact Published by the F.A.A.! Polarized lenses mask the “glint” of an approaching plane way off in the distance, but “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses, as the best sunglass for flying, allows the pilot to see, and identify the glint from another plane.

As the best sunglasses for flying, “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses offer an array of advantages over polarized lenses such as:
• Ballistic-Strength Polycarbonate Lenses • Shatterproof; exceeds ANSI standard Z-87.1
• Two-year limited warranty for accidental breakage • Adjustable by anyone without the need to use heat
• Optical quality polycarbonate lenses
• Scratch resistant hard coatings with greater optical clarity, accurate and vibrant color recognition, with superior depth perception. 

If you’re a pilot, you know how essential it is for you to find the best sunglasses for flying that provides you comfort and quality eye protection. Find a dealer or visit “Extreme Glare” Sunglass online at and find the best sunglasses for flying today!
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