Granada by Serengeti Sunglasses


Granada by Serengeti sunglasses are the perfect choice in protecting your eyes against blinding glares and reflections from the sun. Extreme Glare’s Granada by Serengeti sunglasses are technologically advanced non-polarized eyewear developed especially for extreme glare conditions, implementing state of the art coatings, and technology.
Granada by Serengeti sunglasses are designed to block U.V. wind, dust, bugs, debris from side entry with an adjustable nose-pad, you can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style. So, whether you’re driving, fishing, flying, golfing, skiing, or just spending time outside, do your eyes a huge favor, and protect them with the best Granada by Serengeti sunglasses available.
Additional benefits include:
  • Better glare reduction 
  • Eye comfort
  • Improved clarity without the tension felt in the facial muscles around the eyes
  • And more!
Granada by Serengeti are one of our highest quality glasses in stock. This top seller comes in a variety of different density strengths for battling the sun's glare. Also Granada by Serengeti is offered in two different lenses. Read more about our different lens choices below!
Our Lenses
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