King By Bollé Sunglasses


King by Bolle sunglasses are technologically advanced non-polarized eye wear developed especially for extreme glare conditions, implementing state of the art coatings, and technology. Although polarization is very popular among sunglasses, not only was it never truly developed to look into the direct sunlight, but also fails to block the sun’s full direct glare.
King by Bolle sunglasses feature a "wrap around" design to block U.V. wind, dust, bugs, debris from side entry as well as adjustable and bendable temples that will keep your sunglasses firmly planted on your face through any outdoor activity. With King by Bolle sunglasses, you can be assured that your eyes have the ultimate protection against glare, reflections, and UV rays without sacrificing your style.
Additional benefits include:
  • Better glare reduction 
  • Eye comfort
  • Improved clarity
  • And more!
King by Bolle sunglasses are available in a unique array of options. We have two different lenses with additional benefits that are unique to the lenses and the density of the lenses can be adjusted based on as well. Check out our different lenses available below! 
Our Lenses
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