Non Polarized Sunglasses For Pilots

Non Polarized Sunglasses For Pilots

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Non Polarized Sunglasses For Pilots

The first line of defense for the protection of a pilot’s eyes from harmful UV rays and glare is the use of proper sunglasses that truly limit glare. Quality sunglasses provide added protection when pilots are flying at higher altitudes and where they are subjected to higher levels of solar radiation. The protective Ozone layer is thinner in the upper atmosphere, and added protection is needed to protect the pilot’s important eyes. 

Having the right pair of non polarized sunglasses for pilots is essential in the pilot’s effectiveness to fly safely and efficiently. Non polarized sunglasses for pilots such as “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses offer super protection against dangerous UV rays and blue light that allow pilots to fly with greater assurance that their eyes are well protected.

Non polarized sunglasses for pilots are available in darker densities to reduce the blinding sunlight when at altitude where the sun is so terribly intense.

Medical experts are very aware that too much exposure to the harmful UV and blue light radiation from the sun can cause pilots to develop cataracts, pterygiums, macular degeneration, cancer in or around the eye, and other related eye diseases. Most pilots know that quality, Non polarized sunglasses for pilots are needed to protect their eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. UV- A, UV-B, Blue Light and other radiation is emitted in large amounts from our continually exploding sun. Since most pilots fly high in the earth’s atmosphere, they are in greater peril because of the thin layer of protection from the OZONE layer that surrounds the earth is found to be much thinner at high altitudes. Our eyes are far more subject to damage at high altitudes than at sea level. Cheap sunglasses allowing the sun’s harmful ray’s into the eyes are quite common, but can be the worst investment a person can make. When you consider your eyes, and the delicate tissue around the eyes - - - - it is imperative that quality sunglasses be used to protect one of your body’s most valuable organs. After all, it is cheaper to invest in the best quality Non polarized sunglasses for pilots that you can buy verses a cancer, cataract operation, or prolonged eye condition costing tens of thousands of dollars, or the loss of your mobility.

“Extreme Glare” lens technology blocks more glare than any other sunglass technology anywhere in the world today. “Extreme Glare” sunglass lenses block both types of glare (direct from the sun, and reflective from a shiny surface) better than any other sunglass technology anywhere in the world today. 

It is essential that the best quality Non polarized sunglasses for pilots should be worn at all times in the cockpit. There is a lot to consider when choosing quality Non polarized sunglasses for pilots. One factor to consider is the area on the sides of a sunglass. Most sunglasses are flat across the front of the frame leaving the sides open and exposed to all the harmful rays. It is well known that 40% to 50% of the sun’s dangerous rays enters in from the sides of the glasses between the frame, and the cheek. Most people do not think, or consider that fact unless they are seeking excellent Non polarized sunglasses for pilots with full “wrap around” protection.

In choosing the best Non polarized sunglasses for pilots, there are two types of glare to be considered. Direct glare comes from the sun and indirect glare is reflected off of shiny surfaces like water, snow, windshields, mirrors, and shiny metal. Polarized lenses work well on reflective glare, but do poorly in direct sun glare. However, polarized lenses create blotches on electronic instruments with LED, or LCD digital screens. Polarized lenses were the popular choice of the buying public for seventy years until the digital age arrived. Now, everyone complains that they cannot read their cell phones, fish finders, gas pumps, chart plotters, or any outdoor digital instruments. The polarization interferes with all digital instruments because they are polarized as well, and the two conflict with each other.

In addition, polarization nullifies the “glint” seen on other approaching aircraft, and the FAA has noted this as a potential problem trying to spot aircraft from afar. Using “Extreme Glare” technology, the normal “glint” can be seen on approaching aircraft as they continue to protect your eyes from the most dangerous rays from the sun.

Cheap sunglass lenses can allow a flash of concentrated glare from a certain angle to temporarily blind, or hinder a pilot’s ability to read the aircraft’s instruments and fly effectively. Extreme Glare sunglasses offers specially filtered sunglasses that dramatically reduce glare from any angle while allowing the pilot to fly safely - - - even in blinding sun conditions.

As the absolute best choice in Non polarized sunglasses for pilots, they offer other advantages such as:
• Diminishing all reflections and glare that hinder your visibility during the day.
• Enhanced clarity of vision increases the contrast of reading your weather better in addition should be worn at all times. Aviators have a lot to consider when choosing Non polarized sunglasses for pilots. 

The overall fit, and the comfort of the sunglasses under the head set, or helmet is another consideration when looking at Non polarized sunglasses for pilots to purchase. Functionality is important when pilots are trying to determine what is Non polarized sunglasses for pilots to use. Plastic frames are bulkier, and are more prone to discomfort under the headset than a thin metal frame. If the side piece, called a temple, is a little too thick, the pressure can bring about tension, and severe headaches. A thick temple will usually break the seal around the ear allowing all the loud engine noise to penetrate the ears, and thus becoming very noisy, and disturbing to the pilot.

When considering Non polarized sunglasses for pilots, many pilots prefer quality over inexpensive sunglasses (that do not block the dangerous rays, or glare very well). Quality lenses are very important when pilots are considering Non polarized sunglasses for pilots. Eye strain or irritated eyes from “less than perfect optics” are not acceptable or recommended. “Extreme Glare” sunglass lenses are created with superior optical clarity for the discriminating pilot. “Extreme Glare” sunglasses should always be considered when a pilot is seriously deciding what is the best Non polarized sunglasses for pilots. 

“Extreme Glare sunglass technology can be made using any style, most shapes, plastic or metal. This fact allows pilots the ability to choose from an infinite variety of styles of their choosing to fly effectively and with the proper eye protection. If you’re a pilot, you know how essential it is for you to find the best sunglasses for you eyes. Find the nearest dealer or to go to “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses online at and get the absolute best non polarized sunglasses for pilots!

Fly Well!
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